Communications Specialties



My Name is:

Amanda Danchi

I live in North Carolina. I am a writer, artist, event planner, social media guru and a communications specialist.

Through my company Danchi Designs, I create communications programs, events and meetings for companies and non-profit organizations.

Accomplishments I am proud of:

 Worked  with national and local media promoting statewide non-profit organization which helped raise over one-million dollars for the organization.


 Successfully promoted CPAs, Family Physicians and Architects across the state by coordinating special events and media appearances on local television and radio programs.


 Enabled a local television news program to be the first to report the Challenger Space Shuttle crash, even beating national news programs with the news.


  Expanded social media exposure for a statewide non-profit organization.


 Transformed a monthly two-color newsletter into a four-color magazine, resulting in more attention to the publication as well as to the organization.


 Created and directed an award winning $1,000,000, three-year image enhancement campaign that successfully educated the public about the unique qualifications of a CPA.


  Expanded and managed web pages for a statewide  organizations.


 Wrote articles that were published in regional magazines.



I can help you too. Contact me to discuss how we can do great things!